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Mama Little's story

Patitia Verona, Mama Little

My mother Patitia Verona, or Mama Little as she was affectionately known, was born in Jamaica on the east coast of the island in a little place called Hope Bay.

She began learning the art of baking at ten years old from her mother and one of her favourite recipes was the Caribbean Rum Cake which she brought with her to England in the 1960's.The recipe has been handed down over many generations and Mama Little has added her own special touches to this wonderful recipe to bring you this fantastic rum cake. With her own twist she made her 'Mama's' cake even more special with a number of luxury touches to make this an exquisite rum cake.
I became Mama's little helper and we worked together over many years to perfect the recipe and the baking of the cakes. I have since adapted the family special "secret" recipe further whilst retaining the traditional flavours and also giving it a modern twist. I use only the finest ingredients and Jamaican rum to create each high quality cake, all made with love and full of the flavours of the Caribbean. My product is unique, classic and is a traditional Rum cake.

“Inspired by my late mum,
I too love the rum cake and took up the mantle of the family baker, having helped and watched my mum since childhood.”