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Exquisite Caribbean Rum Cakes

Our Rum Cakes, based on "secret" family recipe handed down through generations, come with a deep flavour from rum-soaked fruits

To make this traditional Caribbean cake, it has sultanas that are soaked in a mixture of the very best Jamaican White Rum and wine soaked for six months before they are used in a cake. Our fruits are lightly minced so as to absorb the rum and wine.

In addition to the rum-soaked fruit, rum is poured over the finished cake.

Rum Cake is often served with a glass of rum, wine, and a cup of tea or coffee. It can also be served as a dessert, sometimes slightly warmed, either on its own or with cream, ice cream, brandy cream or custard.

We are pleased to support Age Exchange, a charity local to us. They have 35 years’ experience of combatting loneliness and improving the wellbeing of people with dementia and their carers through the visual arts, dance and music. For every purchase made by ‘Friends of Age Exchange’, we will contribute 10 per cent of the sale to Age Exchange. Simply enter the charity code in the comment box.

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4 inch (10cm), cake that has the equivalent of four to six slices and weighs 350g.

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Little Little

2 inch (5cm) cake that has the equivalent of two slices and weighs 200g.

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Little Taster

1 x 2 inch (2.5cm x 5cm) cake that has the equivalent of 1 slice and weighs 100g.

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Rum Balls

Made with Mama's Rum Cake and coated with milk chocolate to make a truffle.

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Little Small - 6 inch (15cm) Rum Cake

Un-iced Rum Cake that provides 7 to 14 slices.

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Little Medium - 8 inch (20cm) Rum Cake

Un-iced Rum Cake that provides 15 to 25 slices.

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Eating & Taking care of your cakes

We want you to enjoy and delight in the flavours of our cakes

Our cakes are best consumed within two to three days of purchase if uncovered but can last a week.
Cakes will last one month if stored in a container, kitchen film or placed in a fridge
The cakes should always be stored in a cool place.
If you want your cake to last longer than 1 week add a bit more rum or wine on the cake. It can last for 12 months if frozen.
Always serve at room temperature or slightly warm.

Please note our cakes do not contain nuts or nut traces. However, the kitchen that it is prepared in is NOT a nut free environment.

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